Missionary Mailmen

I want to say “Thank you” to each of our Missionary Mailmen for all your hard work in the month of July. 2200 pieces of Adventist literature went out in the last month.

We invite people to pass out literature all the time here at the Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church. We provide many different ways for people to share their faith, either for the first time or the hundredth time. An easy way to get started, is by taking a package of G.L.O.W. Tracts. Giving Light to our World are simple tracts that present Biblical Truth in an understandable way. For more information visit http://www.goglow.org/

Listed below are the names of our Missionary Mailmen who took GLOW Tracts this last month and the Title(s) they distributed. Sign up at the ministry table this month to receive your own package of 100 GLOW Tracts and let your light shine.

  • Almaz Biru – You Can Trust the Bible
  • Spencer Albracht – You Can Trust the Bible
  • Abigail Agatep – Talking with God
  • Stephen Miller – You Can Trust the Bible
  • Kirk Hutchinson- Signs of the Times
  • Veneta Hernandez – Signs of the Times
  • Althea Espinoza – Twilight Trick or Truth
  • Jason Allen – Twilight Trick or Truth
  • Melissa Figueroa – An Intelligent Faith
  • Gisselle Liner – Twilight Trick or Truth
  • Vitaly Stepanor – Multiple Titles
  • Dan Serns – Multiple Titles
  • Dustin Pestlin -Intelligent faith, A Gift for You
  • Jean Price – Twilight Trick or Truth, A Gift for You
  • Amy Abernathy – An Intelligent Faith, A Gift for You
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