Nominating Committee Report for 2011-2012

All believers are called to be involved in ministry. Each year we follow the Election process in the Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual (Chapter 9 of the 2010 edition) to nominate and elect leaders who can mobilize and mentor all of us in ministry.

Below is the report from the Nominating Committee for our 2011-2012 Church Year. We will have the first reading Sabbath, August 27, 2011; Second Reading and Vote: September 3, 2011; and New Church Year Orientation: September 11 from 2-5pm

Your Nominating Committee:

  1. Pastor Dan Serns, Chairman
  2. Jody Beck, Secretary
  3. Mavis Bowman
  4. Euree Estell
  5. Sharon Hanlon
  6. Ann Ikonne
  7. Dustin Pestlin
  8. David Price
  9. Jacob Serns
  10. Donald Zibanayi

All believers are invited to serve, this is just a list of officers. If anyone has any serious concerns with anything on this list, please contact Pastor Dan or Jody Beck by noon on Wednesday (August 31).

All vacancies will be addressed by the church board. If you have people to suggest for leadership please fill out a Yellow Card with your suggestions and put it in the offering or the church office. Thanks. All Church Board Positions (*) are cleared with the Clerks Ministry (Local member at least one year) and Treasurers Ministry (Return tithe and give offerings) and the individual to see if they are willing to serve if elected by the congregation.

1. Sabbath School & Missions Leadership Team (Train, Equip, Activate and Mentor Mission-minded Sabbath School Soul Winning Teams)

  1. Sabbath School Superintendent*
  2. Sabbath School Secretary – Leota Hack
  3. World Missions Leader – Adam Ntini
  4. Children’s Ministry Leader*
  5. Youth Division Leader – Lois Serns
  6. Young Adult Division Leader – Ann Ikonne
  7. Adult Division Leader – Dustin Pestlin

2. Children, Youth and Families Leadership Team (Involve Children, Youth and Families in the Mission of the Church and Social/Fellowship Activities)

  1. Family Ministries Leader(s)* – Frank & Hilda Lauriella
  2. Young Adult (AY) Leader* – Ann Ikonne
  3. Pathfinder Director* – Cynthia Camacho
  4. Deputy Pathfinder Director –
  5. Adventurer Director*- Jonathan Campos
  6. Master Guide Club Director – Sharon Hanlon & Neise Ferreira (co-leaders)
  7. Home & School Leader* Althea Espinosa
  8. Adventist Education Leader* – Althea Espinosa
  9. NDAA School Board Rep (2011-13)* – Marlene Spady

3. Personal Ministries/Outreach Leadership Team (Coordinate Ministries of the church in regular, soul winning Harvest Cycles)

  1. Personal Ministries Leader*
  2. Interest Coordinator* – Jessica Browne
  3. Community Services Leader* – Marcia Adlam
  4. Communications Coordinator* (Includes Media Ministries) – Kathy Miller
  5. Health/Temperance Leader* – Danny Salcedo
  6. Men’s Ministry Leader* – Peter Ebere
  7. Women’s Ministry Leader* – Mavis Bowman
  8. Religious Liberty Leader* – John Petchkurow
  9. Literature Ministries Leader – Euree Estell
  10. Bible Workers Ministry Leader – Anthony Hardin
  11. Music Ministries Leader

4. Ministry Placement Leadership Team (Help People find their Ministry)

  1. Clerk* – Darlene Morford (Secretary of Church Board and Church Business meetings; keep updated online records of church membership; handle membership transfer correspondence)
  2. Asst. Clerk – Jessica Browne
  3. Dustin Pestlin – Chair
  4. Jody Beck – Asst. Chair
  5. Mavis Bowman
  6. Euree Estell
  7. Ann Ikonne
  8. Donald Zibanayi
  9. Doug Price
  10. Anthony Hardin

5. Finance Leadership Team (Recommend to Church Board how to manage financial resources responsibly and accountably to have the highest impact for the Adventist Movement)

  1. Treasurer* – Jody Beck (Acts as custodian for all church funds, maintains church financial records, disburses funds as directed, reports to church board)
  2. Stewardship Leader* – Walton Zibanayi
  3. Sue Ramsey
  4. Frank Lauriello
  5. Leo Mathieu
  6. Nigel Nazir

6. Deacons & Deaconesses Leadership Team (Serve the congregation during Worship Services and Special Events, Minister to People in Homes, Maintain and improve the Church Facilities and Appearance/Decorations and Security)

  1. Head Deacon* – Lee Batton
  2. Asst. Head Deacon – Steve Hanlon
  3. Asst. Head Deacon – Dave Price
  4. Asst. Head Deacon – Jim Roe
  5. Asst. Head Deacon – Dwight Hanlon
  6. Head Deaconess* –
  7. Asst. Head Deaconess – Dorcas Chihaba
  8. Asst. Head Deaconess – Mavis Bowman
  9. Asst. Head Deaconess –
  10. Asst. Head Deaconess –
  11. Hospitality, Ushers & Greeters (HUGs) Coordinator – John & Angie McWilliam

7. Elders Leadership Team (Mentor 5-10 Church Leaders and 50-100 Families; Assist in Worship Service and Prayer Meeting Leadership)

  1. First Elder* – John Petchkurow
  2. * Walton Zibanayi
  3. * Peter Ebere
  4. * Ray Ljubisic
  5. * Julian Martinez
  6. * Eduardo Olazaran




About danserns

Happily married and father of three great kids. Seventh-day Adventist pastor who invites everyone to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, embrace all the teachings of the Bible and join a vibrant Adventist group.
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