40 Richardson Youth “Rock” the Soup Kitchen

A group of forty youth from the Richardson Church descended on the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen in Downtown Dallas to help serve lunch to the underpriviledged. Led by pastor Adam, this group did amazing work serving food and cleaning up after the diners had left.

More than a week after this this Sabbath afternoon event, there are many growth promoting memories embeded in the hearts of those who participated. Chelsea Matewe went around and asked some of the youth about their experiences and here is what some had to say: 

Taylor Hamilton – volunteering at the soup kitchen was a cool experience because it opened our eyes to things we take for granted. For example a simple sandwich, which we made hundreds of literally. I am now much more appreciative of a simple life.

Alex Olazaran – Not only did it feel good doing something for others, but it was a good way for the youth to bond.

Ana McNamara – I loved working at the soup kitchen because I felt like I was making a difference when I could have been doing something else at home. I felt like I was definitely doing Gods work!

Felicia Soedargo – I thought that it was only for homeless people, but its just people who weren’t homeless but just having a hard time. I saw that they really needed help.

Jordan Hamilton – I liked the fact that the people we served looked like they were very happy and grateful that we came. It was fun making the sandwiches and bagging cookies.

Brooke Tessema – Well, being able to put a smile on someone’s face definitely made my day I really felt like God’s love was shown through all of us, and that felt amazing

Khari Elcock – Seeing people smile when they get their food. Hearing people say thank you.

Chelsea Matewe – It was an eye opening experience, seeing people in tough situations so thankful for everything they had. It made me feel more grateful for all the little things I have in my life.

WAIT! One more!!

Lavonn Elcock – It was a fulfilling experience to feed some of Gods children. It’s brought joy to my day to see people who were broken and had nowhere to turn, come and eat, and fellowship together in peace and harmony. I’m looking forward to the next time we go so we can again bless someone’s heart.

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2 Responses to 40 Richardson Youth “Rock” the Soup Kitchen

  1. Hirut says:

    I am so glad to see the young generation in the Richardson church actively participating. I can see God’s spirit is working on them.

  2. danserns says:

    This is awesome! I’m so proud of the Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Youth and their leaders!

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