Building Guidelines

We welcome the use of our facilities for ministry events, meetings, Bible studies, etc. The facilities of the church exist for the service of God in ways that bring honor to Him.

Ministry leaders are asked to schedule any meetings, events, Bible studies, etc. with Church Office ( or 972-231-3254) and are asked to be responsible for the following:

1. If removing chairs from the platform area, please return to their place after the service.

2. Please keep chairs lined along the walls of the sanctuary due to damage that could occur.

3. Please do not eat or drink in any area other than the Fellowship Hall.

4. Any tables or chairs that are set up in the fellowship hall or entry of sanctuary for any reason should be put back to the designated storage closets after service or activity.

5. Trash from the fellowship hall area should be taken to the dumpster after services or activity. If kitchen is used:

  • the dishes and utensils should be cleaned and put away
  • no left over food should remain in kitchen
  • counters wiped off and floor swept when services or activities are over

6. All exterior doors around the church should be checked by pulling on the handles and making sure they are locked. Designated personnel in charge of event is responsible for this. All lights in every room, halls, and sanctuary should be checked and turned off. All HVAC overrides, if used, should be turned off.

7. When PA equipment is used, all settings should be put back by personnel to where they were when the responsible personnel arrived at the control board.Please use adhesive putty when putting posters/signs on walls or doors .

Thank you!
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