2012 – Countdown to the End

We have an exciting event coming to our church. Pastor Dan Serns is going to be presenting 6 days of prophecy meetings, 2012 Countdown to the End. He will present a clear picture of what the Bible teaches about the end-times and how we can be prepared for the best and the worst of it.

Plan to come to these meetings happening Sunday, October 3 – Friday, November 4. You will have two opportunities each day to attend. Meetings presented at 2 and 7 pm. (identical presentations)

As Richardson members we are asking you to support these meetings in several ways:

1. Pray – That we have God’s blessings on every aspect of the meetings. We want to see the community richly blessed by these prophecy meetings. 10,000 postcard invitations are going out to the community, and we are praying that God will do amazing things with those invitations.

2. Invite – We will have fliers available for you to invite your friends, co-workers, neighbors or family members.

3. Attend – We would love to see each of you come to each night of the meetings. We know that you will receive a great blessing from them and learn to trust more fully in our Father, God.

For more information and to pre-register to receive your free study guide please go to richardsonsda.org/countdown
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