Great Controversy Project- Luther’s Separation From Rome

Chapter: Luther’s Separation From Rome   Read Chapter Online.

Favorite Quote from the Chapter:“Above everything else he delighted in the study of God’s Word.” P. 47

Lessons Learned

  • Just because someone is poor  does not mean they can’t be famous for God
  • Luther longed to have a Bible for himself
  • He refused to renounce the truth and was not intimidated by the authority’s threats
  • Stand up for truth no matter what!


It is so inspiring to hear about the reformers and their stories. It creates a mighty refuge within us to remain strong and true to our God and His Holy Word no matter what the circumstances may be.

Family Worship Activity:

Memory Verse—John 15:19, 20  Share examples of when you  were made fun of because you were a Christian. There are many names Christians are called—what are some of them? Have you ever been called any of those names? Be a fool for Christ and don’t let anyone scare you with the devil’s schemes.

Lois is a mother of three grown children and her one mission in life is to be the best mother/wife she can be. She has a degree in Biology and Mathematics with secondary certification. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Education. But her favorite job is working with her husband in pastoral work part-time. That is a tremendous blessing! God is truly our refuge and our strength!

The Great Controversy Project- Read It! Share It!

The Great Controversy is a book that gives a Bible-based outline of church history and Bible prophecy stretching from the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD to the final events of earth and beyond.

Since it was written in the 1800s it has been published in many languages and titles, including the recent four-part series- 1) God’s Holy Word: Is it still worth dying for? 2) America in Prophecy 3) Cracking the Code: Behind Enemy Lines 4) The World Out of Control.

Read or listen to it online at

Share it with friends. You can purchase copies at or Call 800-423-1319 for large quantity pricing.

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