Danny Salcedo, our health and temperance leader had a ministry outing  on December 13, 2011 to the At-Risk Public School in South Dallas taking the health message to school children grades 5-8 and their parents.
Here is an article he submitted:
We called our presentation LEAP, as in leap toward health. Lifestyle, Education, Assessment and Prevention. Shanaz Cooper (Dallas 1st), Charissa Arinyedokiari (Richardson SDA) and myself had the opportunity to present a mini-healthy living seminar to the school this past December 13th. We had all 16 NEWSTART banners, antomical models, and healthy food samples as props. We arranged with school leaders to allow us an hour and a half. We first presented to the kids during their school day (at 4 pm) and later (6pm), we met with their parents to present a modified version of the presentation. I had to translate to Spanish since there were a lot Spanish speaking parents. It was a great blessing to seehow positive the reponse was, especially from the parents. They had several questions afterward. Although we weren’t necessarily able to push a religious agend since this was a public school, we were able to speak to parents individually as they asked us who we were. Of course one of the New Start banners clearly shows a Bible and the importance of having healthy relationships. We told them that we organized at the Richardson SDA Church.
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