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Prayer Meetings (Jan-Mar) & The Great Controversy Project

Prayer Meetings and Study Groups are encouraged to study and share The Great Controversy during 2012. Prayer Meeting at Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church is on Wednesdays from 7 to 8pm. All are invited. Come as you are. Here is a … Continue reading

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When Adult Children Move Back Home They’re Back’: 10 Tips for Parents of Boomerang Kids

They’re often known as “boomerang kids.” Your adult child is returning to live with you. How will that work out? The most lasting connections any of us have are between parents and children. When your grown children return to live … Continue reading

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A Happy New Year? – by Dr. John Graz, Secretary General, International Religious Liberty Association

“I wish you a happy New Year!” We sometimes use these words without thinking—they’ve become a formulaic greeting; a cliché we use at the beginning of each year. But what do these words really mean for someone who promotes and … Continue reading

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Great Controversy Project- John Wycliffe

Chapter Title: John Wycliffe   Read Online Favorite Quotes: “With whom, think you,” he finally said,”are ye contending? With an old man on the brink of the grave? No! With Truth–Truth which is stronger than you, and will overcome you.”–Wylie, … Continue reading

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This Sabbath (Jan 14) at Richardson- “Lessons from the Waldenses”

For centuries during the Dark Ages the Waldenses (”people of the valleys”) kept truth alive by copying the Bible and taking its precious truth throughout Europe, sometimes at the cost of their lives. They trained their young people from their earliest … Continue reading

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Great Controversy Project- The Waldenses

Chapter Title: The Waldenses Read online Favorite Quotation: “The persecutions visited for many centuries upon this God-fearing people [the Waldenses] were endured by them with a patience and constancy that honored their Redeemer. Notwithstanding the crusades against them, and the inhuman butchery … Continue reading

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Back on Track- Thank You for Your Generosity!

Praise the Lord for your generosity! Our “Back on Track” appeal during the month of December was to get our Local Church Budget back on track. We were $90k behind budget in this fund that pays for our local ministries and … Continue reading

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