Great Controversy Project – The Swiss Reformer

Chapter Title: The Swiss Reformer   Reach chapter online

Favorite Quote:  “It is God’s plan to employ humble instruments to accomplish great results. Then the glory will not be given to men, but to Him who works through them to will and to do of His own good pleasure.” Page 171

Lessons Learned:

  1. God selects unlikely people to do his work on earth.
  2. Men should not be judged by their wealth or social status.
  3. To follow God sometimes we must step away from politically correct paths.
  4. God does not rely on one man.  At the same time that the Holy Spirit was guiding Martin Luther, Ulric Zwingli the Swiss reformer was studying and teaching that God’s Word (Holy Scripture) is the only sufficient, infallible rule.
  5. God is relying on, but not dependent on, all of us to do our part to spread the Word.
  6. The more you search Scripture, the clearer the contrast between truth and heresies.
  7. Zwingli with the influence of his father saw that convent life of constant prayer was not what we are called to do. Our obligation is to spread the truth to others. 

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are two essential characteristics of men that God can use in His service? Why can God so seldom find men of influence and learning with these qualifications?
  2. To what place was Zwingli sent for education, and why was he recalled?
  3. When called to the cathedral in Zurich, how did Zwingli respond to the instruction given by those who had invited him?

Family Worship Activity:

Read stories of great leaders in the Bible paying particular attention to their beginnings.

I’m Frank Lauriello, I’m the Family Ministries co-leader with my wonderfull wife Hilda who has guided me through my journey.  We have two grow children Heidi and Christopher who have found supporting spouses. They have each provided us three grandchildren.



The Great Controversy Project- Read It! Share It!

The Great Controversy is a book that gives a Bible-based outline of church history and Bible prophecy stretching from the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD to the final events of earth and beyond.

Since it was written in the 1800s it has been published in many languages and titles, including the recent four-part series- 1) God’s Holy Word: Is it still worth dying for? 2) America in Prophecy 3) Cracking the Code: Behind Enemy Lines 4) The World Out of Control.

Read or listen to it online at

Share it with friends. You can purchase copies at or Call 800-423-1319 for large quantity pricing.

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