Great Controversy Project – Progress of Reform in Germany


Chapter Title: Progress of Reform in Germany.   Read chapter online

Favorite Quote:  “True Christianity receives the word of God as the great treasure house of inspired truth and the test of all inspiration.”

Lessons Learned

  1. Luther’s disappearance led some to believe he had been murdered.  While held prisoner in the castle of Wartburg, he began translating the New Testament into German.
  2. A few men, affected by the excitement in the religious world, imagined themselves to have received special revelations from heaven.  Claiming to be commissioned divinely to complete the work of the reformation, they placed their feelings and impressions above the Word of God.
  3. From the professed friends of the reformation had risen its worst enemies.  Fanaticism and lawlessness were the result of their teaching; sedition and strife followed. 
  4. Although his enemies were at liberty to take his life, Luther determined to return to Wittenberg.  There, he completed his translation of the New Testament.  Seeing the favor with which it was received, he immediately began the translation of the Old Testament.
  5. As Luther preached, the Word of God broke the spell of fanatical excitement.  The truth spread with irresistible power.


While Rome determined to stamp out the reformation by killing Luther, other laborers pressed forward to do all in their power to advance the work.  Satan used false prophets to deceive and destroy God’s truth.  The church was attacked from within resulting in strife and confusion.  Some had resorted to violent measures in abolishing the mass.  Upon returning to Wittenberg, Luther addressed the people: “The mass is a bad thing; God is opposed to it; it ought to be abolished. But let no one be torn from it by force.”  “I will preach, discuss, and write; but I will constrain none, for faith is a voluntary act.”

Discussion Questions

  1. What was the basis of the Reformation?
  2. How were Luther’s New and Old Testament translations received?
  3. How did Luther explain religious liberty?  Is that something we still need?  How should we act even if we believe we have the truth?
  4. What did the study of God’s work accomplish?  What can it do today?

Family Worship Activity

  1. Study and discuss what we mean by “the Gospel.”  What does it mean?  What is involved?
  2. As Seventh-day Adventist Christians, what should our stand be regarding the separation of church and state?

Short Personal Bio

My name is Hilda Lauriello.  I was raised in the Adventist church.  I am blessed with a wonderful family.  My husband, Frank, and I have a daughter, Heidi and son-in-law, Joshua; a son, Chris, and daughter-in-law, Erica.  They have given us six beautiful grandchildren: Marlea, Kendall, Mikahla, Giovanni, Sophia, and Isabel.



The Great Controversy Project- Read It! Share It!

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