Wish List for Church Renovations

Thank you for your faithful giving in your generous tithe and offerings. As we are carefully watching our local church budget, many of you may have noticed our upgrades that our volunteers have put in place over the past couple of months.

If anyone would like to give above and beyond on what you are currently giving, you can mark “upgrades” or you can give to specific projects, listed below.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. 

Minimal parking lot repairs-$4350.00, more extensive repairs to parking lot, to hold us for about 2 years-$12,000, parking lot stripped-$1130.00

Carpet foyer and halls in sanctuary area-$8150.00

Replace countertops and sinks in restrooms in Sabbath School area-$1800.00, replace 5 faucets (both restrooms) with commercial metering time delay (to save water usage) in Sabbath School area-$650.00.


Replace tile in women’s restroom-$3200.00, replace tile in men’s restroom- $3000.00. If both restrooms done at same time $5340.00

Power wash sidewalks to remove stains, mildew and gum-$350.00

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