RECORD Article: Richardson Church Shares Message of Health

Presenters share messages of health such as LEAP (Lifestyle, Education, Assessment, and Prevention) and NEWSTART (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust) at public schools.

Richardson » Evangelism comes in many forms. Recently, Shanaz Cooper, Charissa Arinyedokiari, and Danny Salcedo had the opportunity to present a healthy living seminar to at-risk fifth- through eighth-grade students and their parents. The presentation, LEAP (Lifestyle, Education, Assessment, and Prevention), was given along with NEWSTART information, and included healthy food samples. 

The presentation was divided into two parts, one to students during the school day, and one for parents in the evening. The presentation was presented in both English and Spanish, and was a great blessing to both the students and parents. While the presenters weren’t able to share a religious agenda, since the meeting was in a public school, they were able to visit with interested parents and answer questions individually.

Imagine if we were able to get church members to do the same at each public school in the Dallas Independent School District! That’s a lofty goal! Teaching children to lead healthy lifestyles is just one of the many forms of evangelism.

The article can be found at

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