Great Controversy Project – Heralds of the Morning

Chapter: Heralds of the Morning

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Favorite Quotation: “One of the most solemn and yet most glorious truths revealed in the Bible is that of Christ’s second coming to complete the great work of redemption.  To God’s pilgrim people, left so long to sojourn in “the region and shadow of death,” a precious, joy-inspiring hope is given in the promise of His appearing, who is “the resurrection and the life,” to “bring home again His banished.”  The doctrine of the second advent is the very keynote of the Sacred Scriptures.” p. 299

Lessons I’ve Learned:

  1. Christ’s First and Second Comings are the core of our church message.
  2. Our message should give all believers great joy and hope.
  3. Through the ages, God has had many writers giving this message to all generations.
  4. From Genesis to Revelation, Christ’s mission and coming is foretold and discussed at length.
  5. Many people have suffered and/or died for this belief, but that has not stopped the growth of this movement.
  6. The Bible has given many signs of His coming.


All the universe is watching this earth with great interest. We are cautioned to not be too busy with life; to prepare ourselves and others for His coming. “God requires of His people works of faith and obedience corresponding to the blessings and privileges bestowed.”  This requires sacrifice on our part. We must be willing to follow all the light we have received.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. List Old Testament characters who foresaw the coming of Christ, with its associated events.  Which of them stressed the judgment? The resurrection? The great joy of the redeemed? The glory of the Second coming, and the physical phenomena seen in Nature?
  2. What positive words of Christ add certainty to the hope of His return? Who will accompany Him?
  3. How is the coming of Christ related to the restoration of that which was lost at the Fall of man?
  4. Show that the dark day of 1780 fulfilled the prophecy as to time?  Was it recognized by many who witnessed it as fulfilling Scripture prophecy specifically?
  5. What message of warning was due at this time, and by what class of men was it given?

Family Worship Idea:

  • In worship, have each member of the family tell how they can spread the work
  • Have each member tell what they are looking for the most when Jesus comes again.
  • Have each member describe what they think heaven will be like.

Personal Biography:

Jean Price with husband David (right) on a Mission Trip with local pastor.

I am Jean Price. My parents were baptized into this church when I was 3 yrs. old.  I attended Broadview Academy and Southern University. I moved to Dallas when I married David.  I am a Registered Nurse and work at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas hospital.

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