Great Controversy Project – A Great Religious Awakening

Chapter Title: A Great Religious Awakening   Read Online.

Favorite Quotation:

Regarding Bengel’s experience with Christ: “His attention was called to the second chapter of Daniel, and he was struck with the wonderful exactness with which the prophecy had been fulfilled, as seen in the historian’s record. Here was a testimony to the inspiration of the Scriptures, which served as an anchor to him amid the perils of later years. He could not rest satisfied with the teachings of rationalism, and in studying the Bible and in searching for clearer light he was after a time, led to a positive faith.”

Lessons I’ve Learned:

  • God’s relentless love for us is of such that He tirelessly pursues His children around the globe and passionately reveals to us His heart’s desire that we be with Him where He is; “this Love which will not let us go” will culminate ultimately in the 2nd coming!
  • While we may not know the exact date/time, we may know the nearness of our Lord’s coming.
  • The Lord reveals more and more of His heart to those who passionately seek Him.
  • Sharing God’s love naturally emerges as a lifestyle of witnessing which cannot be restrained.
  • The Lord will, in a special way, use children to proclaim the good news of His second coming. “As God wrought through children at the time of Christ’s first advent, so He wrought through them in giving the message of His second advent….He will put His Spirit upon the Children”.


I am humbled by the passionate life-transforming love for Christ exhibited by the men, women and children who proclaimed the Advent Message during the “Great Awakening” as experienced around the world between 1826-1844. More than ever, I am inspired by the power of the prophecies to provide an anchor for the Hope that is within me! My prayer is that, as with these believers of the “Great Awakening,” angels will keep watch over us and strengthen us to receive more of the Light of God’s love, and as a result, we will have a far richer experience in our walk with Him; even one which exceeds all that we can ask or think! (Eph. 3:18-20)

Discussion Questions:

1. What understanding do we gain from the “Great Awakening” of how the advent message will be preached to all the world; to every kindred, nation, tongue and people?

2. What common characteristics do we see in the lives of men like Dr. Joseph Wolff, Bengel, and Gaussen which transformed them into fully-developed followers of Jesus Christ and proclaimers of the Second Advent message?

3. How were children involved in proclaiming the Second Advent message? What implications do their experiences have for our worship and witnessing today?

Family Worship Activity: 

Items Needed – Bible, History Book, and a white board. Choose family member to read Daniel 2. Choose alternate family members to read from the history book or even internet search an historical timeline to confirm critical points of alignment. Celebrate this indication of the inspiration of the scriptures as a foundation for our trust in the heart of our Father in Heaven who loves us and who will certainly “come again” as foretold in this chapter! (Reinforce by showing the children how Jesus invites us to read and understand the book of Daniel as a way of getting to know him better.) Invite the children to give a 5-minute sermon which shares what they have learned.

Personal Biography: Cheryl Kisunzu

I am married to Phillip, who is a Professor of Math Education at UTD.

We moved to Dallas from Chicago approximately 2 years ago so that he could pursue this opportunity. We have two children: Jessica (who is in the PhD Program in Organic Chemistry at Berkeley) and Conrad (who has been accepted in the class of 2016 at Stanford in Chemical Engineering).

I am a Family Nurse Practitioner, teacher and administrator serving as an Executive Dean/Director of Nursing at Mountain View College.

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