We Need Correct Contact Details for these Richardson Members

We are in the process of cleaning up our data-base, making sure we have correct contact information for our members. Please look over the list and let us know by contacting the Church Office (972-231-3254 or info@richardsonsda.org) if you have any information on any of the names listed below. 

  • Nancy Spaeth
  • Merle Hawkins
  • Maritza Castillo
  • Deborah Milan
  • Linda Patrick
  • Jesse Pauda
  • Alicia Rodriguez
  • Anthony DeBlanc
  • Beatriz Soares
  • Kylie Farrell
  • Anthony Wiley
  • Lori Della Stua
  • Foster Slye-Nelson
  • Paul Kanobana
  • Steve Silas
  • Iona Mae McCurry
  • Hebert Platt
  • Norma Kelso
  • James Messler
  • Mirna Perla
  • Jose Requena
  • Andreia Moore
  • Roberto Daza
  • Aneta Wells
  • Manuel DeSouza
  • Valerie Sutgreaves
  • Ruth Trujillo
  • Eulalia Sanjines
  • Ann Burgess
  • Angelo Cataldi
  • Peter Chitila
  • Ninette Clark
  • Enroque DeCastillo
  • Joseano DeSouta
  • Sabra Fugate
  • Evelyn Gray
  • Vikki Jackson
  • Bryan Joslin
  • Holly Ann Martell
  • Georgina Mkwate
  • Kem Okere
  • Allan Phillips
  • Elma Reis
  • Kendra Roberson
  • Fernando Roman
  • Marilyn Ruben
  • David Sabins
  • Tran Toung
  • Jonathan Vazquez
  • Johany Lue
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