Free on the Sabbath- Annette Lewis testimony

 Many of you know who I am and the Prayers that have gone out for me. For those who don’t, I was born and raised a Seventh-day Adventist. For most of my grownup years, I wandered away from the church thinking the only way to make friends and money was to go along with the crowd. Throughout the many years I had some bad experiences. My dad passed away 12 years ago and my mom just a year ago. They both were very devoted Seventh-day Adventists. To put things very briefly, I went through a battle within myself thinking I had nothing left. I have been working on the Sabbath for many years and up until last September, I had prayed for my fiancee’ for a Revelation to turn his life over to God. Two weeks later, he had a heart attack that by all reasons would have ended his life. Through a lot of prayer, he survived. But, I had promised God that “IF” he survived, I would return to church faithfully. At the same time, I never thought Chuck would enter a church and especially the Seventh-day Adventist church that was so weird in a lot of peoples thinking. Keeping a Holy Day on Saturday is considered weird in most people who have considered Sunday as their holy day.

Chuck and I have been coming to the Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church now since last Thanksgiving. He has been coming to church while I work on the Sabbath. A lot of people here at Richardson and family members have been praying for me to get off on the Sabbath. In coming into the church, we both left all of our close friends so that we could serve God. A song I once heard by Celtic Thunder group, lyrics said, “I’ve had friends I needed losing, I will get others along the way”. We both have made a few friends here in the church and many more to come. The one special friend we both have made, I want to give recognition to is God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He has stuck by us both through so many heartaches and trials this past year. When we fail, he is still there picking up after our mess. I have made a commitment to God that I would ask for this day off. I have personal experience that God and the Holy Spirit is real. Several months ago, I was driving to work and was overwhelmed by something. I began to cry and the voice kept getting stronger and stronger. I pulled up in front of my work and didn’t want to go in. Something was telling me to go back home and go to church. I ignored this feeling and went on into work. Over the months, I kept having this same urge to speak up to my bosses and say, “I want to follow Jesus”. NOW! I have nonstop kept talking about the Bible to them and they have openly seen my excitement for the BIBLE, the TRUTH. Chuck and I want to be married soon and then be baptized as husband and wife. I have put it off for a while since we had no friends to invite. Starting over is not easy. We also are going to have the two beautiful grandkids, Emily and Calista dedicated…hopefully on the same day as our baptismal.

My decision to follow the Lord, keep his Ten Commandments and his laws, come to church faithfully every Sabbath, was granted to me on May 15th, 2012. Both bosses came up to me today and said I could have this day to worship on my HOLY DAY, which is Saturday and non-other that the Sabbath. This is a family owned business for over 30 ears in business. No one has ever been allowed to take off on a Saturday till now. They have seen me as a witness, a happy person in love for the Lord. They told me that they wish my attitude and outlook on things was within everyone. This is an example how we all should be as Seventh-day Adventist. Others look and see our demeanor and how we carry ourselves in front of others. On top of all this, they are going to start a grooming academy soon and it will be carried out in my present store, with me teaching! This is a big ordeal with this company. My boss had once gotten a sour idea of the Seventh-day Adventist when she roomed with a girl who claimed to be an Adventist, got off on Sabbath and used it to party at the bar. We have to be examples and do what is right. Both bosses asked me if I was really going to be in church. They both said they didn’t need my answer, since I won’t stop talking about my faith, giving them literature, cd’s, books, and videos. I did tell them I would get a note from my pastor that I was in church. I automatically get off on May 26th for the holidays, they need me the following Saturday, but if nothing happens, that will be the end of a new beginning for me and my family. My prayers have been answered, but for the ones that prayed for me also, your prayers were answered as well. Satan will try everything to stop this, but with God on our side, we cannot fail and Satan will lose. There is a song that I listened to that Sabbath when the Holy Spirit came into my heart. I had been listening to the “Heritage Singers” and they sung this song that hit home for me. It is called, “Lord, I’m Coming Home”. It made me sad that I wandered away from God, but I am happy now that I’m coming HOME. It’s not just whether we wander away from church. It could be anything like not giving our all in reading the Bible, visiting the sick, shut-ins, etc. How many of us don’t give an hour a day to God. An hour a day times seven days equals a work day, and for the Lord. Don’t be just a church goer, but a church doer for God. Get involved with activities and fellowship. It is very important. Most people don’t want to give up their time for free. They want to be paid, but Jesus gave his Life for all of us, free of cost. I have been somewhat jealous of Chuck for being able to attend church on Sabbath when I couldn’t. I was so sad every Sabbath when he came to church and I went to work. I began to read the Bible and found that Jesus was a jealous God. I can relate to him like never before. To end this, I should be keeping my Sabbath Holy as of June 9th, 2012! Praise the Lord for he is GOOD! When he knocks at your door, let him in.

As for my parents, they would be overwhelmed with excitement for me and Chuck. All of my siblings are Seventh-day Adventist and one day we will be sitting together in church for the first time.

About danserns

Happily married and father of three great kids. Seventh-day Adventist pastor who invites everyone to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, embrace all the teachings of the Bible and join a vibrant Adventist group.
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4 Responses to Free on the Sabbath- Annette Lewis testimony

  1. Amy Abernathy says:

    God has truely answered our prayers! Thank you, Annette for sharing your testimony!
    Please Lord, help each person to be a faithful witness for You!

  2. Glinda says:

    I am so blessed by your testimony Annette! I know God will be faithful to you for your faithfulness! He always is! I am inspired by you and Chuck. Chuck helped and worked very hard on the remodeling of the church! Thank you both! May the Lord continue to bless you in a huge way!
    Your Sis Glinda and Bob May and Auryana too!

  3. Charley Fobert says:

    Annette – I can’t wipe this silly grin off my face. I’m SO excited for you and it is wonderful seeing God at work, once again. He never tires or gives up and I know the angles are rejoying as well.

    Many BIG HUGS my friend.
    Charley Fobert

  4. The Elcock, Curtis,Linda,Lavonn,Kahri (pup pup & breezy-coconut) ruff ruff. says:

    Annette- My family and I love you guys very much. My husband talks about Chuck all the time. The way you both have contributed to making the church so beautiful is awsome. I love weddings and hope we get an invitation ha ha. Thanks Chuck for sharing your testmoney with the youth at A.Y. time. Annette you have ecourage knowing that God is still in control. Lv ya The Elcocks.

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