“I Didn’t Want to Go to North Dallas Adventist Academy”- by Johana Cardenas

Note- At the recent Eighth Grade Graduation of North Dallas Adventist Academy (NDAA) each graduate gave a brief speech. This speech was given by Johana Cardenas, and shows the powerful impact Adventist Education can have on a young life.

My name is Johana Cardenas I’m from Cerritos, Mexico and I was born in October 16, 1997.

I’ve been in NDAA for one year of course this was my first year here. I wasn’t happy knowing I was going to a private school, because the thing is I been in public school since pre-k until 7th grade, and I wasn’t used to uniforms, and I didn’t want to start all over in making friends.

Of course life always brings you the worst emotion moments. One of mine was when I told my parents I wanted to get out of NDAA and go back to public school, that they were wasting their money when they can save up for something better, yeah of course my quinceanera [fifteenth birthday celebration]. When I told my parents this my mom had tears in her eyes, my dad was absolutely mad at me and they wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the night. I felt so guilty and disappointed in myself for doing something like that to my parents. I couldn’t believe I could do something like this to my parents, they have done so many things for me and I don’t even appreciate the effort they were doing for me to be coming to NDAA, for me NDAA was just a school that would help me be better in college.

After time I knew that my point was wrong, NDAA was helping me getting closer to God, which was one of my main goals in life. In NDAA I learned that God has a plan for you and I know his plan is for me to continue to come to NDAA.

So I want to thank the Hunt family, for bringing me to school every day and waiting for me when I was late and caring for me when I was sick. Also I want to thank the Camacho family for bringing me back home from school. Thank you to Mrs. Hilda for being there for me when I was down, and when I had problems in school and giving the awesomest advice ever! I especially want to thank Mr. A for actually having and wasting his time on middle schoolers, he really inspires me in Bible class with his amazing stories and advice. Mr. A has been a real blessing to me even though I’m not brave enough to tell him until now; he motivated me to keep coming to NDAA and to have a close relationship with God. Mr. A has prepared me for high school because it’s a huge step and if I didn’t have Mr. A for middle school experience I wouldn’t be ready for it. Mrs. Warren how I can forget those amazing laughter’s you made me have in your class, thank you for having the patience you had with me in math and science class you showed me that it isn’t easy as it looks, so you need to practice and study at the best. Mrs. Wolfe I admire how you have two kids and manage to take care of more kids when you come to work, also to keep up with your family and keep NDAA in tip top shape. Mr. Grey beloved bit choir teacher, you have taught me wonderful songs that praise God, and also motivated me to keep coming to NDAA.

My parents, man we have our BIGG up and downs but I still love them like they love me, I thank them for supporting me in school and giving me a great education and most importantly the steps of me following God.

Now, how can I almost forget my classmates, man great times with them, they made me laugh until I couldn’t breathe! Alexa, I thank God for an awesome, amazing best friend. God showed me a friend that I can count on, a friend who cares about me, also for the great laughs, even if their randomness, dumbest thing ever. Also for Kaniel, because he’s annoying sometimes, but he’s a great friend you would want to have. Also for a great president, Taylor has been a responsible and trustworthy president; she has been in charge of taking care of our budget money. Yari, Sakari, Obinna, Chris, Manasseh, Alan, Jaron and Brandon, thanks for the great laugh, you guys are the best at making people laugh y’all should be comedians when y’all grow up! Ina, Jenny, Barbara, Jennifer, Cristiane, Aimee, Seonnda thanks for being there girls you guys are the best!

My last thanks is to someone who was there for me in my sad, bad moments and my happiest moments, I thank that person for all the effort and support and love and care they gave me, I really needed it. Here we are ready to start on our next journey. We thank all of our families, friends, and teachers because it took you all to get us this far. And then say how you’ve made memories that can’t be erased and you all look forward to making many more.

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