Message of Hope Blankets Dallas

By Costin Jordache, Assistant to the President for Communication

Shawn Boonstra speaks at Soul Winning Festival May 12 in Dallas, TX

Something spectacular happens when dozens of churches in one city come together to proclaim the gospel message of Jesus Christ in 44 locations.

RestoreDFW, an evangelistic event that involved Seventh-day Adventist Churches from across the Greater Dallas area blanketed the ninth largest US city with messages of hope and restoration. Presenters for the May 4 – 12 series included local church pastors, Texas Conference evangelists, lay leaders, teachers and seminary students from the Theological Seminary at Andrews University.

Topics were identical across all sites and included an overview of biblical prophecy, the message of salvation, the gift of the Sabbath and the presence of God in our lives through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

All 44 sites made use of the same marketing material produced in partnership with SermonView. The same website approach used for It Is Written’s Revelation Today event was implemented in Dallas, uniting all sites under one city-wide umbrella and creating a simple interface for searching for participating sites and topics presented.

New Adventist believers flood the stage

The event culminated with a Saturday evening celebration, which drew a crowd of over 2,200 members and visitors. The Friendship West Baptist church provided a facility large enough for the rally, which included local musical artists and a stirring message from Shawn Boonstra, Associate Ministerial Director for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. The event also included a welcome ceremony for dozens of new Seventh-day Adventist members, baptized since January 1, who flooded the stage to stand with their local pastors and 12 baptisms performed that evening. Additionally, around 50 people came forward that night to indicate their desire for baptism.

While approximately 300-400 baptisms are expected as a result of the harvest cycle, which included RestoreDFW, the equally important result is a sisterhood of churches unified under one purpose: bringing the residents of Greater Dallas to the foot of the cross. Next up is RestoreSanAntonio in October 2012. Our prayers are with the city’s churches and members as they prepare to engage San Antonio for Christ.





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