Hello, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Sue Ramsey, and I have been elected as the Stewardship Ministry Leader of the Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church.  This church year I would like to bring more focus to what being a good steward means, and how a good steward fits into God’s plan for all mankind.

Generally we think of stewardship in relations to how we spend our money and manage our finances. While the financial side of things is very important, there are other aspects of stewardship that are just as important in our daily living. Things such as how have we managed our time, our time with God in study and prayer, our thoughts, our actions, our speech and our influence on others.

In researching the meaning of stewardship, I found the following in Ellen G. White’s writing which really puts it all into perspective.

Could the veil which separates the visible from the invisible world be swept back, and the children of men behold an angel recording every word and deed, which they must meet again in the judgment, how many words that are daily uttered would remain unspoken, how many deeds would remain undone. 

In the judgment the use made of every talent will be scrutinized. How have we employed the capital lent us of Heaven? Will the Lord at His coming receive His own with usury? Have we improved the powers entrusted us, in hand and heart and brain, to the glory of God and the blessing of the world? How have we used our time, our pen, our voice, our money, our influence? What have we done for Christ, in the person of the poor, the afflicted, the orphan, or the widow?   {The Great Controversy page 487}                                     

I look forward to working with the church leaders and congregation to make this fiscal year a blessed one in all aspects of stewardship.  I would like to talk to members of the congregation on how God has blessed you in your stewardship walk.  Please contact me if you would like to share experiences.  May each and everyone be richly blessed as they do God’s work. This is just the beginning; more to come in future articles.

Stewardship Ministry Leader –Sue Ramsey



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