Great Controversy Project – The Impending Conflict

Chapter: The Impending Conflict

Favorite Quotations:

  • “In rejecting the truth, men reject its Author. In trampling upon the law of God, they deny the authority of the Lawgiver.”
  • “When the standard of righteousness is set aside, the way is open for the prince of evil to establish his power in the earth.”
  • “The infatuation of vice, the wanton taking of life, the terrible increase of intemperance and iniquity of every order and degree, should arouse all who fear God, to inquire what can be done to stay the tide of evil.”
  • “The teachings of religious leaders have opened the door to infidelity, to spiritualism, and to contempt for God’s holy law; and upon these leaders rests a fearful responsibility for the iniquity that exists in the Christian world.”
  • “The line of distinction between professed Christians and the ungodly is now hardly distinguishable. Church members love what the world loves and are ready to join with them, and Satan determines to unite them in one body and thus strengthen his cause by sweeping all into the ranks of spiritualism.”
  • “Through spiritualism, Satan appears as a benefactor of the race, healing the diseases of the people, and professing to present a new and more exalted system of religious faith; but at the same time he works as a destroyer.”

Lessons I’ve Learned:

  • It has been the desire of Satan to get rid of the Law of God. Since the Law of God is the transcript of the character of God & Satan is opposed to anything that might reminds us of God’s goodness, it is his plan to make sure that people on earth should not come to know about the Law nor keep it for various reasons.
  • Satan has used his agencies to belittle the Word of God. He has made it of none effect among many. The Bible is within the reach of almost everyone but no one considers it as authoritative. In this day and age, if anyone places confidence in God or His Word, that person is considered a barbarian or an uneducated fool.
  • Satan uses even agents among Christendom that teach that the Law of God is not binding upon Christian believers. The Bible clearly states that the Law of God will always be there even in the New Earth. The doctrine that the Law is not binding upon anyone has led men to believe that they can do anything and get away with it.
  • False teachers have also led many to believe in the immortality of the soul. They teach eternal torment. These teachings have led many to hate the Bible.
  • Seeing that the world is becoming immoral & degraded the teachers of falsehood will preach that the reason for these problems is because people have rejected the “Christian Sabbath”. This will lead to Sunday observance.
  • Satan uses a two pronged attack on the human race. On one hand he works through his agents to heal disease and do many miracles thus showing himself as an angel of light, while on the other hand he leads men to destruction through war, calamities and disease which he blames are caused because of God’s anger towards those who don’t keep Sunday holy.
  • Through the work of Spiritualism and Sunday sacredness, Satan will incite all against those who follow the true Sabbath. As the Roman Church did in the past, the so called Christians of today will persecute those who choose to follow God rather than men.


It is clear that we are headed in to the final count down to the show down. Events in the news and in the Christian churches are showing that what this chapter is talking about is coming to pass. People are now less tolerant towards those who profess to observe the Sabbath. They try to prove using the Bible that the fourth law is no longer binding on believers today. When they are cornered they say that they worship on Sunday because it is the day that Jesus rose on. They squirm every possible way to escape the clutches of the true Sabbath. Spiritualism is now in the churches. Satan is doing every form of miracle. It is high time that SDA’s are rooted in the word of God and are more intimate with Jesus through his Holy Spirit. It’s high time that SDA’s know how to keep out the world out of their lives, out of their homes and out of their churches.

Discussion Questions:

  • Why is Satan so incensed against the Law of God?
  • How is Satan trying to do to destroy faith in the Word of God and His divine Law? Is he succeeding?
  • What are the reasons given by Christians not to observe Sabbath? What proof do you have from the Bible that the Sabbath is binding upon believers today?
  • What is Spiritualism? How is the devil using it to fulfill his purposes?
  • How will Satan incite the anger of the world against those who worship God and keep His commandments?
  • How can you prepare for such a time of trouble and make others prepare also?

Family Worship Activity:

Every part of the Word of God and His Law are important today. It is very important that the Christian knows the verses that teach the mortality of the soul and the sacredness of the Sabbath. As a family, fish out & copy the texts from the Bible that show these great truths. Also learn at least one by heart and try to recite to other family members.

Short Personal Biography:

Hello! I am Tamerat Bedada Letta. I was born in Ethiopia and when I reached the age of thirteen I left for India where I spent the better part of my years being educated in a SDA & non SDA schools and colleges. As student in the SDA run school I learned about the Bible. While a student in India, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and personal savior and joined the SDA church through baptism. I made this decision after checking out other churches and their teachings. Through the years I have had a love and lukewarm relationship with Jesus. But I am thankful that He has not gotten tired of me or “spat me out of His mouth”. I find He is always there when I want to return back to him. Now my prayer is that He keeps me by His side always.

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