Religious Liberty Update

Dear Friends,

I want to share with you two incredible answers to prayer from this past week:

First, in California, Governor Brown signed into law the Workplace Religious Freedom Act (AB 1964), a piece of legislation that requires reasonable accommodation by employers to uphold the religious freedom of their employees in the workplace. The governor signed this bill, and one to recognize the victims of the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin, at a North American Punjabi Peace and Unity rally at the State Capitol on Friday, September 7.

As AB 1964 worked its way through the legislative process, many of you contacted your state representatives several times (!) to let them know of your support. Thank you for making your voice heard!  Your efforts have paid off for people of faith in California. I additionally want to affirm the dedication of NARLA-West executive director, Alan Reinach. Alan has worked tirelessly on behalf of this bill, and I know he joins me in celebrating this affirmation of religious freedom in California.

Second, miraculous news from Iran: after three years in prison, Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhan has been acquitted of his apostasy charge and reunited with his family! Praise God! During a nearly six-hour court appearance, Iranian officials ultimately lowered the pastor’s charges from apostasy to evangelizing Muslims, which carries a three-year term. He was therefore released with time served. Be sure to visit this link to the news story, which features a photo of Pastor Youcef’s reunion with his precious young family. God is so good! Only he could have orchestrated this happy outcome. Of course there are still many who remain discriminated against because of their religious beliefs. There are still many who cannot share the Gospel with friends or family for fear of government retribution. And there are still many who are physically persecuted for their faith. But on this past Sabbath in Iran there was an answer to thousands of prayer petitions on behalf of Pastor Youcef and his family, and for that we praise our Holy God.

May we be a blessing to Him this week and always!

Melissa Reid
NARLA, Executive Director

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