RSDA Church Members Doing Volunteer Mission Work in India

Danny & Keturah Gray, Richardson Church members are in India doing volunteer mission work. Below is a report:

Greetings from sunny Bangalore!

p10804421We have been in our new home for over a week and we are really making this place our home!

After 19 hours on airplanes, at 5am we were happy to arrive and we were greeted by Chip in the large ministry van. Good thing it is a large van, it was able to fit all 8 suitcases that weighed 50 pounds each! First thing we did was drive to our new home, a 2 bedroom & 2 bathroom apartment (that we will be sharing with Chip). He decorated it so beautifully, every room was set up with furniture and wall hangings, we were so thankful for the thought and all of the time that he put in to it!

We have been adjusting here daily: the food, the constant noise, bad pollution, the mosque on our street, taxi rides with drivers who constantly try to cheat you, exploring our city, the horrible traffic, making new friends etc.

We started working at proVISION ASIA last week. Our new positions are challenging and we have been learning a lot. The staff are all wonderful, helpful and we are especially fond of Wednesday mornings here because that is started with a bible study & singing worship songs!

Danny summed it up perfectly: “a new day, a new adventure!” Every day we have something new to be thankful for. Please pray as we are looking for a used car to buy and as we continue to settle in here.

There are numerous ways to contact us:

  • Our phone # is (805)744-1586. It is a Internet operated # so if we are not online you can leave us a voicemail.
  • Danny’s cell phone # 9901873976
  • Keturah’s cell phone # 9901873991
  • We can receive international calls although they are expensive. We cannot make international calls.
  • Our Skype ID is danny.keturah
  • Our email address is

Our physical address is long but must appear like this:

  • Chez Leila
  • C/O Danny & Keturah Gray
  • #9B Moyenville Road
  • Langford Town
  • Bangalore 560025
  • Karnataka India

Follow us using our blog:

We love you all very much and miss each & every one of you!

Missionaries out!

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