Our Cup…Truly Runneth Over – Testimony by Glinda May

urlWe moved to this area because my husband found a job here. What you may not know is that we were without a job for a whole year! And that was not the first time since 9/11/2001. Each time it was about a year and we lived on our savings and it was gone!  I was pretty scared each time except for this last time. Actually I felt strangely calm, and even wondered if there was something wrong with me. Had the Lord not only saw us through each time we were without a job but had he given me a bigger portion of faith? Well as time went on the answer became clear, because as I was encouraged by my feeling of strength, my faith increased even more!

This was the first time in my husband’s entire life that he agreed to take unemployment. BTW those checks do not amount to much of a person’s income, we did get a little more  help from a close relative. Which added to that, but not enough to pay all the bills and groceries and fuel and medicine… or so I thought.

We didn’t ask for any help, but as people found out about our situation they came to us and convinced us of taking the help. Help kept coming to us, some gave us gift cards to Kroger and Walmart and Target which bought our gas and non-food items we needed. We were given food,  so much food we had to share it to keep it from spoiling! We shared with a couple of neighbors who were also feeling the impact of the fallen economy.

Now this did something else for us, it made us feel good and useful to help others when we were in such a humble way ourselves.

Now each time there was a bill owed we would figure out on paper how to pay it, each time it did not add up in our favor,  yet God gave us a sense of well being, so in faith we sent those checks off, and the bills were always paid!  God stretched those dollars for us!  It was a miracle! Now why do you think God blessed us in such a big way?  What you don’t know here , what I haven’t told you yet, is that on that meager income of unemployment that we got each month we faithfully paid our tithes …and our offerings too!

Oh at first I argued with my husband, I said didn’t we already pay on your income when you got money and paid into the IRS?  My husband said yes, “ but this is considered income and,  it is all the Lord’s money anyway! We are paying it!”  So with his conviction I agreed and soon I was convicted myself!

Now here is when the most unexpected thing happened!  A cousin whom I had seen maybe 4 times in my life who is a dear Christian himself and married the most wonderful Christian woman, not Adventists. She called me and said Brad and I talked it over because the Lord told me to send you this check of this amount.
I tried to convince her that we were doing well and not to worry!

She said…Now please know that this is from God, it is not a loan.. it is a gift, so please don’t argue with me, it was what He told me to do! I was so struck by her faith! I couldn’t speak a word! Any of you who know me…would say another miracle!  But of course the miracle was in the Lord using another faithful person to help.

I kept thinking of that passage in John  “And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.” Indeed she is God’s sheep and heard His voice, because
little did I know that there would be something come up… a medical issue, car repair, several things happened.

The amount of that check just covered the need! This happened  again, she called  with a different amount,  much larger this time and guess what? It covered the need that came up! And then one last time…the same thing. God knew the exact amount we would need!  Now I want you to know that each time we were called, my pride would get in the way and she would convince me that the Lord put it upon her heart to give, and I had to accept. When the Lord has put it upon my heart to give I remember having to convince the person to know that I must obey so please accept. I struggled with my pride, and then I handed over to God.

God is always faithful to the faithful.

The point here is continue to pay your tithes and  your what? Your offerrings!… Remember the tithe is God’s and a testament that you will obey Him, the offerings are what you give sacrificially from your heart!

You can never out give God! He will meet your needs!

Our Cup …….Truly runneth over!!

Bob & Glinda May (and Auryana)

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