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This Sabbath (March 30) at Richardson- “He’s Alive!”

It’s easy to become cynical. An email from a wealthy foreigner says he needs help moving millions of dollars from his homeland and  promises a hefty percentage of this fortune as a reward for you assisting him. An announcement informs … Continue reading

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This Sabbath (March 23) at Richardson- “Choosing Friends Wisely”

Do you think that the crowd who shouted “Crucify Him!” planned in advance to shout that about the Savior of the world? Or was it more likely that they got caught up in the moment, with friends they had made … Continue reading

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“The Sabbath Swimming Lesson”

More and more people around the world are seeing the blessing and benefits of keeping the Sabbath holy. Here is a recent article “The Sabbath Swimming Lesson” by a pre-Adventist in the March 2013 issue of Christianity Today. “When unemployment … Continue reading

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This Sabbath (March 9) at Richardson- “The Largest Gift”

In June 2010 Billionaires Warren Buffet and Bill Gates launched the “Giving Pledge.” The Pledge is radical in its simplicity. Its signers have to be billionaires. And they have to promise to give at least half of their fortune to charity … Continue reading

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