Sermon Research Ministry- We welcome your input

Would you like to help with our new Sermon Research Ministry?

Do you like to read? Do you come across interesting stories, thoughts, Bible verses, Ellen White quotations that might be a blessing to others? Would you like to be part of our new Sermon Research Ministry? It is not necessary to be a member at Richardson SDA to join this Ministry Group.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Look over the Sermon themes and potential texts and titles below.
  2. In your reading or study please share any of these related items…
    1. Story Illustrations (1-3 paragraphs only)
    2. Bible texts
    3. Ellen White quotes (1-3 sentences only)
    4. Key thoughts
    5. Links to online articles or books
    6. Potential Sermon titles for the topic & text
  3. Email items to with…
    1. Email Subject line- Sermon Research on [Text]
    2. Item you are sharing

Thanks so much for your input.

Dan Serns, Richardson SDA Senior Pastor

P.S. Disclaimer: Sermon themes, texts and schedule subject to change. I won’t be able to respond to each email personally and may or may not use the item shared.


Tentative Topics, Texts, Preaching Schedule 2013

  • April: Joshua
    • Resolving Conflict- Joshua 22:10-34
  • May: Judges & Ruth
    • Holy War, Child Abuse & the Book of Judges- Judges 2
    • Hope During Your Darkest Hour- Ruth 1-4
  • June: 1 Samuel
    • Leadership Lessons #1- 1 Samuel 9-10
    • Leadership Lessons #2- 1 Samuel 15
  • July-September: Book of Acts & Epistles
    • When Life is Cut Short- Acts 6-7
    • “Only 30”- Acts 15:36-41; 16:1-6
    • Turning the World Upside Down- Acts 17:1-10 & 1st Thessalonians
    • No Longer a Defeated Christian- Romans 7-8
    • Facing a Life or Death Crisis- Acts 27-28
    • Christless Christians- Colossians 1-4
    • Finishing Life Well- 2 Timothy 4
  • October-December: Psalms
    • When Emotions Run Wild- Psalm 23
    • Dealing with Discouragement- Psalm 42
    • Dealing with Suffering- Psalm 66
    • Dealing with Loneliness- Psalm 84
    • Dealing with Fear- Psalm 94
    • Dealing with Inferiority- Psalm 105
    • Dealing with Guilt- Psalm 143

Thanks for your willingness to share!


About danserns

Happily married and father of three great kids. Seventh-day Adventist pastor who invites everyone to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, embrace all the teachings of the Bible and join a vibrant Adventist group.
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