Youth Retreat 2013

imageOn the weekend of May 10-12th 2013, The Richardson SDA Church held a youth retreat at the Riverbend Retreat Center in Glen Rose, Texas! The theme for this year’s retreat was “The Walk”, highlighting the importance of trusting Jesus on our journey through life and learning to let go and let God do what He does best (lead the way)! There was a total attendance of close to 100 youth and young adults! The weekend was filled with the spirit of God as our guest speaker Eddy Perez who was born blind but now can see, reminded the youth that on this walk we may not see God but we can be assured that He walks with us everyday, sort of like the wind, you may not see it but as it blows you know it’s there!

The weekend was filled with exciting, adventurous activities such as an awesome zipline, flag football, challenge course, team building, swimming, basketball, a question and answer session in which the youth asked some challenging questions. The retreat also featured a mock trial in a courtroom setting where the youth were asked to answer questions from the prosecutor and had to prove him wrong from the Bible!

The most exciting event from the weekend was on Sabbath morning when there was a call for baptism and 4 young people came forward and decided to take the Walk! This was truly a wake up call for me to start walking with Jesus everyday and not just on Sabbath, was a statement one of the youth who attended made. Another one said, I have never had so much fun in a church event ever in my life, I have been blessed!

~Pastor Salomon

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