Online Giving – What Our Members Are Saying…

page13_picture0_1332453426Members of the Richardson SDA Church have been enjoying the privilege and benefits of on-line giving for over a year.  Here is what some of our members have to say:

Darlene Morford:   “I have found that it is so much more convenient to pay my tithe and offerings at the same time that I am doing my bill payments.  With my busy life, I never have to worry about, or remind myself, that I need to write that check to the church —- and then sometimes forget that the check is in my purse when I get to church.  Online giving has really helped me stay organized and pay regular tithes and offerings.”

Nigel Nazir:  “We have been using online giving for about a year now.  It is very convenient.  The ability to give our tithe and offerings at any time is great and there are several categories for Local Church, Conference, and World to which we can direct our offerings.  One nice feature is that it keeps a history of our giving so that we can track it as necessary.  Overall, online giving has been easy, hassle free, and saves trees.  We would recommend it to everyone.”

Esther Ladella:   “Online giving has helped me be prompt in giving tithe and offerings, especially when I’ve been out of the country for an extended time.  And, now that I have moved to another state, it allows me to continue to give my tithe and offerings to my home church (Richardson) until I can find a local church to transfer.  It is simple, convenient, and saves me from writing checks and mailing them.  It takes about two minutes to submit the form – less time than writing a check and filling out a tithe envelope!   I never have to worry about being late, as I can submit it any time during the week”.

If you think that Online Giving would work for you – try it!   It can be accessed from the church’s website ( The Online Giving site is sponsored by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  Privacy and security are top priorities.  The funds donated by accessing the link on the Richardson Church’s website are routed back through the Richardson Church, and all online giving offerings will be included in your annual tithe/offering receipt from the Richardson Church.

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