San Francisco Missions Update from Shawnah Shelton

730Just wanted to give you all a quick update on what is happening here in San Francisco!

God has worked in so many ways here already, and we have been blessed with a wonderful group of individuals who love the Lord and are excited to be apart of this ministry. When I arrived here, I was under the impression I would begin working with my partner Debbie in the Korean church-as that is what we were told. However, God blessed us with some Korean workers and we then needed a church to facilitate. One of our leaders, Jessica stated that there was this one church that they had not heard back from– the South Francisco Spanish SDA. So Debbie and I went to this church on Sabbath on a mission! Our objective for the day was to not only get in the church and speak with the pastor about Operation Blueprint, but then to get in front of the church, explain it to the members, show the video, and ask them to come out to a very important meeting tomorrow to learn more about becoming conductors. All we could do was pray and ask God to lead in this major endeavor. 

When we arrived at the church, we immediately asked for the pastor. We were lead up some stairs where he sat in his office. Pastor Carlos greeted us and invited us in. We relayed to him who we were and what we were doing there this Sabbath. About that time a large African American comes in. I’m not sure, but I think he is an elder; but amazingly enough–he spoke English. After prayer, we began telling our story how we had left everything to come and be a part of this mission. How we were originally supposed to be working in the Korean church, but the God blessed our group with some Korean people and now we needed a church to work in…and that his church was the only one in the conference that we have not been able to reach–and we were living 2 miles away. The fact the Holy Spirit was leading the conversation was undeniable. Pastor agreed to let us get up and speak–impromptu, and show our video to the congregation. Our God has everything worked out before we do! Then we had a little problem, the video we needed to show was on Youtube, but the church had no wifi. I did have a disk with the promo on it, but somehow the video was cut off at the end, so I decided not to bring it. However, now it was necessary. Just as I rushed out to my car to go back home to retrieve the disk, I am met in the parking lot by Jessica. I relayed what had just happened and we prayed and thanked God. Coincidentally she had the disk in her hand that we needed. We rushed in, gave the disk to media and was hurried to the front of the church. Thank goodness Robinson was there to translate because there is not too many individuals in the church that are bi-lingual. We talked about how God specifically brought us to this mission and we ended up there in their church on Sabbath. We were able to show the video and invite the members out to the meeting. From that meeting, Pastor Carlos, Robinson and two others showed up, and were  virtually amazed! The vision was caught and the meeting was a success.

This is just one quick example of how God continues to show us here is here with us in San Fran! Please continue to pray for us and this mission–it is just the beginning!

Much love – Shawnah Shelton

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One Response to San Francisco Missions Update from Shawnah Shelton

  1. chikavincent says:

    this is a good thing to hear about and i think the church is moving on forward.

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