On a Mission for the Master to New York City

IMG_1221From June 20-29, 2013 a mission team of youth from the Richardson SDA church traveled to New York CIty as part of the General Conference mission to the cities initiative. During the time we were there our mission was to prepare our youth to be young soul winners for Jesus by attending the International Field School of Evangelism taught by Pastor Mark Finley and our very own General Conference President Ted Wilson and also to share our faith at every major New York City tourist attraction by handing out truth filled literature to anyone that would accept it!

As we drove into the parking lot of the church we were going to be staying at, I quickly spotted a huge sign outside the church building with an Ellen White quote that said ” With such an army of workers as our youth rightly trained”! I said to myself this is exactly what we came here to do, to get trained to do God’s work!

We witnessed so much rejection but also an overwhelming amount of receptivity as we hit the streets of New York City with Glow Tracts! The training that was provided has equipped our youth with the tools that they needed to be young evangelists! Every young person that attended the mission trip and received the training will use it in our Texas mission field by preaching and holding their own evangelistic meetings here in the Fall!

I must say, I really saw God at work on this mission trip, but enough about my perspective of the trip, i must share with you the experience of  our youth and young adults:

“At first when we were getting ready for this trip I didn’t know that I was going to be able to go because I didn’t know if I had summer school. So I just prayed to God and asked him to help me out and that I left it in his hands. Soon I got my test scores and my report card to see if I had to go to summer school. When I opened it I was so shocked I not only passed but I got really high scores. I was really happy and so was my mom and I just thanked God for giving me the opportunity to come to New York to show people God’s message. After the training we went out to different popular landmarks and we handed out Glow tracks. I have never handed Glow tracks before I got to New York so it was kinda scary for me to do it in the biggest city in the US. I had 200 Glow tracks and I thought I was never going to hand out 5. But I sucked it up and just started handing them all out. When I mean all I mean ALL 200. I was so shocked and felt so good that I handed them all out. I just thought maybe one of those people that got one read it and now knows who God is. I really loved this trip I think I got closer to God and learned more things that I didn’t know before. I am just so grateful that I got to go spread the word to a place that really needs it.” -Genesis Paz

“The trip to New York was a great experience.  It was my first time on a mission and my time in New York. It was just great getting to know each other and the fellowship that was present throughout the trip. We learned much about each other including each other’s likes and dislikes and very much enjoyed each other’s company.  There was a purpose of why God had put each of us on that mission trip and for me, it was to see God at work and to get to know everyone. Seeing the progress of the Seventh-day Adventist church in that area inspired me to go out and tell others about Jesus. Handing out glow tracks was also a great experience. Although many rejected, many also recieved and it gives me the good feeling that one day, I will see that person in heaven and he/she will thank me for that glow track that brought him/her to Jesus. Overall, I will never forget the experience. It has made me spiritually stronger and has brought me closer to Jesus as well as to others who came along in that Mission trip.” -Dex Esmeralda

“The N.Y. 13/international school of evangelism was such a blessing and a wonderful experience to be a part of. I felt and saw God revealing his loving power every single day from the early morning devotions we did as a group to the evangelism training that I had the pleasure of attending. As a young adult I have been longing to grow spiritually and to have a closer walk with God. This mission trip is exactly what I needed to satisfy my longing and take my walk with God to the next level. Through the evangelism training I was able to acquire the knowledge to not only help me personally, but it gave me the tools to help me become a better disciple of Christ.”-Felistus Lungu

“For a while now I’ve been questioning whether my call to pastoral ministry was legitimate, but after going to NY13 for the training, it has left me more motivated to get involved. Like never before, the conviction was precisely clear of how God is expecting that not only from me, but all his followers should witness for him. The greatest thing about NY13 wasn’t just about training people on how to preach a sermon, it brought forth appeals for the ministry!”-Oneil Brown

And so went the mission trip to New York City in June! When going on a mission for the Master you will not come back the same, I guarantee it!

Yours in the Master’s Service,

Pastor Salomon

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