San Francisco Mission Report

730Greetings to you all from San Francisco!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for you constant thoughts, prayers, and support for me and the San Francisco mission. Your texts, emails, messages, phone calls and encouragement remind me how blessed I am to have you as amazing friends and church family! And your contributions make it possible for me to stay out here and fulfill with my whole heart, that what God has called me to do…thank you so very much!

Let me give you an update on what has been going on here for the past month!

This has been the month of Camp meetings! I just returned from Redwood camp meeting in Northern California Sunday night, and was at Soquel Camp Meeting last week to promote what we are doing here in the Bay area. Yes, I stayed in a tent for over 12 nights…God’s transformational power…is miraculous! There were so many blessings that happened while at Camp Meeting! I saw peoples lives being changed by the power of the Holy Spirit; I saw young adults and youth give their lives over to the will of God, and many non Adventist gain an understanding of the blueprint message, and want to be a part of this mission. God is truly working in the hearts and minds of his people!

We had many different duties and jobs to perform while we were there and they were so much fun! Personally,  my duties were to run the prayer room everyday from 9am to 10. I also had to promote the prayer room,  Operation Blueprint and outreach every night in the youth tent. This experience led me to learn…in the future I will  go either older or younger — teens are a little difficult.  I was amazed at how little they knew about the sanctuary. When I asked them if they had seen the Blueprint, it was silence–crickets. And when I asked them if they had ever done a study of the sanctuary–same response! So when I saw many of them packed into the young adult room to hear Ivor Myers give his testimony–my heart was elated; but I will talk more about that in a bit.  I also gave various testimonies over the course of the ten days. I was so excited to give my testimony to the Juniors, and speak to them about Operation Blueprint – they are so much  fun; Whatever you ask them, they are eager to answer – loved it! One of my greatest joys was seeing all the Juniors and Early Teens come through the prayer room to learn about United prayer! Waves of them entered the room to listen, learn and pray. There were over 160 of them in total–all learning the method of united prayer. When we finished they were like, “We love united prayer”! Starting them out early! It was so beautiful!

We also implemented camp meeting outreach which has not been done there in like a hundred years. The outreach coordinator Vince (Glow) leader, gave us surveys that we left at the homes of individuals and picked them up about an hour later. The survey was very user friendly and said something like, “we are at the camp for 10 days and wanted to give back to the community; so if there was anything they would like to have done, just check the box, and we would be back to fulfill the request“. I think all in all we received about 20 requests. Since we knew we would not be able to fulfill them all, the local churches agreed to go in behind us and fulfill those obligations to the community. There were two though that were able to get to; yard work for neighbors. In fact, one neighbor used to do the other mans yard after his wife passed away. But then that man (Mike) was in a bad car accident and his pancreas exploded–the doctors sent him home to die. So he, of course, was in no position to do his yard as well. Both gentlemen, well in years greatly appreciated their sparkling new yards when we were finished. And when we prayed for them at the end, they both had tears in their eyes. Sometimes its not about getting the bible study or the baptism–sometimes its just about planting the seed and letting it germinate. (photos are up on my facbook page). There were some campers that came out with us to help. Some of them not even SDA, but through interaction and evangelism, they realized this was something they could not live without. At the end of camp, two of them have decided to get baptized and the others are planning to get training at a bible school in evangelism… Amen!

One of the best blessings was Listening  to  Pastor Ivor give his testimony to the young adult audience on Saturday night. every time I hear it, it impresses in my heart why I left everything to come out here and work for God full time to give this message. THIS MESSAGE CHANGES LIVES. It started out as a seemingly normal night. We are all (at this point) pretty drained from the week, and this was the final message before we would be leaving camp the next day. No one expected what was about to happen! The Young Adult room was completely packed, like I had not seen in the previous days. I noticed many from the Youth tent had come to hear Pastor Myers for the first time. The room was so crowded, there was hardly room to walk. As he began to give his testimony, the Holy Spirit impressed him to speak about the Blueprint – the sanctuary, and our Destiny as Seventh Day Adventists to give this restored gospel message to the world! He ended with a call for each of them to accept their Destiny in Jesus, and invited them to be a part of this global mission. You see, what I began to realize at my time in  camp meeting is that this operation is bigger than what we imagined it to be! Yes, the focus is the Bay area and throughout central California. But many people from all over the world are pledging their involvement in this project. People from all walks of life are taking the Blueprint message back to their home churches, signing them up to be “bluezones“, and fulfilling the mission of Operation Blueprint in their own communities. This is so incredibly amazing!! When the call was made, practically the entire room went forward, and many of them signed up to be “conductors”– to teach others how to share this end time message, and promote Operation Blueprint in their churches. I could not contain my emotion!

Which brings me to you! You to can register yourselves and our church at to receive access to all lessons, materials, PowerPoint, etc… that we will be using here for the promotion of our meetings next year! It is not too late to come aboard! I am so amazed to watch how God is working throughout the world in this Global mission. It continues to grow exponentially every week! Speak with your leaders, and pastor Dan to see if this is something you all would be interested in doing, and COME ABOARD!  We can all be “soldiers” for Christ in this initiative!! Pray for God to reveal to you His will in this mission. I am praising God already for what He has in store, and I truly believe everything happens for a reason!

If you haven’t already, please connect with me on facebook. I have video of my experiences listed above and I would love to share them with you! Love and miss you all very much, and look forward to hearing from each and every one of you. Please please, do not hesitate to contact me whenever you can; Speaking to you brings so much joy to my life. I will continue to update you on what is happening here!

On a different note, I just gave an A-Unit presentation to the church I am working in  last night (south San Francisco Spanish church), and they are so excited to get going – building their A-Units and learning the Blueprint message in preparation of their bible study contacts.  First A-Unit meeting is next Sunday at 4:00.

Please continue to pray for us here in this San Francisco mission…and I will be praying for God’s will for you, our Young Adults, and Richardson Church at large.

Much love always – Shawnah Shelton

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