Stewardship Report – The Twenty & The One

StewardshipTitleThere was this $20 bill and a $1 bill on the conveyor belt at the downtown Federal Reserve Building.

As they were lying there side by side the $1 bill said to the $20 bill, “Hey mannnnnn, where have you been. I haven’t seen you in a long time?”

The $20 bill replied, “Man I have been having a ball! I been traveling to distant countries, going to the finest  restaurants, to the biggest and best resorts, numerous  boutiques, the mall uptown, the mall downtown, the mall across  town and even a mall that I just newly built.

“In fact, just this week I’ve been to Europe, a professional NBA game, Rodeo Drive, the all-day retreat spa, the top-notch hair salon and the new Cowboys Stadium! I have done it all!!!”

After describing his great travels, the $20 bill asked the $1 bill, “What about you? Where have you been?”

The $1 bill replied, “Well, I’ve been in the offering plate of the Baptist church, the Methodist church, the Presbyterian church, the Episcopalian church, the Church of God in Christ, the Catholic church, the Mormon church, the church of the Latter Day Saints, the, the Disciple of Christ church, the Seventh-day Adventist church…”

“WAIT A MINUTE!  WAIT A MINUTE”  shouted the $20 bill to the $1 bill.

“What’s an offering plate and what’s a church?”

Unknown Author

As we prepare to return offerings and be good stewards, let’s not keep those $5’s, $10’s and $20’s in the dark.  Take them out of your pockets, wallets and purses and let them see the light, and see what an offering plate and church is.  Who knows but the story at the Federal Reserve Building may sound more like this:

“Wow, I went to the SDA church and was placed in an offering plate.  What an experience! They sent me to help with children, youth and adult ministry groups.  I was also sent to help in the mission work and evangelism meetings.  I actually had a part in spreading the gospel message.   It was great! The next time we are out there in circulation, come with me and see the light.  Forget getting excited about the worldly things that won’t last, but come with me and help with eternal things.”

Sue Ramsey – Stewardship Ministry

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