Mildred’s Five Year Storm

Testimony-Service_tFive years ago my bathroom was broken. The plumbers I hired took all my money before starting the job , demolished the bathroom then refused to fix it until I paid them more. I had no money, no bathroom, no plumbers.  But God later showed me a plumber who was willing to fix it and take payments and Home Depot gave me credit to purchase supplies.

I tried to sue to get my money back and followed the wife home to get an address to serve papers on. The men saw me and chased me.  One caught me in my car trying to leave the complex and started hitting my car, threatening and yelling that they wanted to kill me. Scared, I quickly drove away. As I left the complex there was a police officer across the street so I went to him and told him what had just happened.

That night one of the men left a threatening message on my cell phone saying they knew where I lived, and what hours my daughters were home alone.  God kept them from acting on that threat and kept us all safe.

Later, I found out that instead of chasing after me, they called the police, claiming I had hit them with my car on purpose and drove off. Thus began 5 years of struggle because I wasn’t able to find a job with this pending charge on my record.  I would find a job and then after a while they would find out about my charge and not need me anymore.  But God provided for us and by his grace was still able to pay my bills and provide for my girls.

God supplied my needs for 4 years when I had no income.  Little jobs would come through, money and gifts . Times when we had no food in the house,  God would always send funds or groceries. I got approved for food stamps for the last year.

I had no job and my lease on my car was over but by God’s grace I got a new car with smaller payments and I got money back from not putting too much mileage on my old car.

In November of last year I was  arrested 4 days because The court secretary did not submit my court appearances.  I had the records of me being there but the court didn’t so they sent a warrant for my arrest.  They came in the middle of the night arrested me and took me downtown.  I tried showing them my binder with my records of appearing in court and one of the police officers said it was true. But they still had to take me in and straighten it out.  God sent people to help me and my kids. I was in bed for the next 2 months and could not walk because of the rough handling of the police.  God sent people who took me to the doctor and took care of my children.

Around  the same time my lawyer came to me  and told me he no longer wanted to continue with my case after 4 years  and kept all the money I had paid him for my case . When the judge found out she assigned me a new lawyer to make up for the mistake the court had made when arresting me .This attorney was the one who had me found innocent.

As I waited for my next court date I was denied food stamps and was sent to an agency to apply for a job. God helped me find out after four and half years that there are places that exist that offer jobs to people with legal problems.  After trying so many places it was good to be able to work.

God put two people who worked in the same place to convince me to apply for a job. I waited 3 weeks for a phone call and got an interview. I told the manager during the interview that I did not work Friday nights and Saturdays because I was Seventh Day Adventist.  To my surprise she told me that some of her previous workers had also been Adventist and were great workers and appreciated them very much and she offered me the position. I have worked almost 3 months now part time at this job.

After my court was postponed 33 times over the past five years, God finally had my trial take place on July 23rd, 24th and 25th. During the trial God blessed me with the presence of 14 friends and from church who gave me support and prayed with me every time we had a break. During trial the judge kept my attorney from admitting evidence that would explain why these men were lying so the jury couldn’t see the whole story. But my attorney found a way to get enough evidence in. Then in his closing argument he told the jury all the parts of the story he wasn’t allowed to include. He managed to catch the accusers in numerous lies on the witness stand. It was like Christ at His trial – no one could agree with what had happened.  One of the members of the jury rode down with a friend in the elevator and they said the story just didn’t come together.  There were too many holes, it didn’t make sense, so they found me innocent of all charges. I always asked God how I became involved in a situation like this?  At the trial my eyes were open and all claims made against me were disproven causing me a good outcome. It is tough to be falsely accused and  at times I admit I felt like God wasn’t there and had abandon me especially every time my court day was postpone. But God is faithful to this day, and still takes care of His children.  He carries them when they have no strength.

The purpose of my testimony today is let you know that if you are passing through a difficult situation you are not alone because God is always at your side letting you know he is there. You may pray and sometimes God may not answer you immediately but that does not mean he is not listening. It may simply mean you have to wait longer and hold on to your faith because God always has a purpose behind every storm that you have to battle through.

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