Stewardship Report – Expense Control

TEMExpense Control is another aspect of being a good steward.

It is important to remember that everything we have is really God’s. If it were not for God we would have nothing.  As Christians we have a duty and responsibility to not spend foolishly and unwisely.

In Counsels on Stewardship Ellen G. White writes: “We spend money for selfish purposes, and gratify our own desires, while souls are dying without a knowledge of Jesus and the truth.”  She goes on to say, “Has not the time come when we should begin to cut down our possessions? May God help you who can do something now to make an investment in the bank of heaven.  We do not ask a loan, but a freewill offering,-a return to the Master of His own goods which He has lent you. If you love God supremely, and your neighbor as yourself, we believe you will give tangible proofs of the same in freewill offerings for our mission work.” (pg 51 -52)

God does not ask only a few or a select group to give to support the church and His work. On Dec.23, 1890, Ellen White wrote in the R. & H., “But if only half the people do their duty, the treasury will not be supplied with the necessary funds, and many parts of the work of God must be left incomplete.”

Ellen G. White’s messages do not apply only to the period of time in which she lived. They apply to us today as well. Let us all participate in finishing the work and spreading the gospel, as we manage our expenses, and include God’s work in our current and long range plans.

Stewardship Ministry – Sue Ramsey

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