Stewardship Report – Help Spread the Gospel

923By returning tithes and offerings, we partake in the Great Commission as we supply the means to help spread the gospel at home and abroad.

Generally when speaking of stewardship, one immediately thinks of money and how it is spent. Malachi 3:8 is the main verse in the Bible referenced when speaking of God’s command to return tithe and giving offerings. It clearly states that in not doing so we are robbing God. 

In Counsels on Stewardship, page 18, Ellen G. White writes, “The Lord does not need our offerings.  We cannot enrich Him by our gifts.  …Yet God permits us to show our appreciation of His mercies by self-sacrificing efforts to extend the same to others.  This is the only way in which it is possible for us to manifest our gratitude and love to God.  He has provided no other.”

On page 226 of Counsels on Stewardship, Mrs. White further states, “When we think of the great gift of heaven for the redemption of a sinful world, and then consider the offerings that we can make, we shrink from drawing a comparison.  The demands that might be made upon a whole universe could not compare with that one gift.  Immeasurable love was expressed when One equal with the Father came to pay the price for the souls of men, and bring to them eternal life. ”

Stewardship Ministry – Sue Ramsey

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