Stewardship Report – Studying God’s Word & Praying

Hands-of-Prayer-Christian-Stock-ImageThe Bereans received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day according to Acts 17:11.  While Jesus was on earth, He and the disciples went to the synagogue each Sabbath to teach and study the scriptures.  The disciple continued this practice throughout their lifetime.

In the four gospel of the New Testament it is written that Jesus stayed close to the Father by praying.  Jesus would go off by Himself and pray. He received His strength to continue his ministry on earth by doing so. In Matthew 6 Jesus addresses prayer and tells us how we should pray.  If prayer was such an important part of our Savior’s life, shouldn’t it be so for us as well?

How much time each day do we devote to studying God’s word and praying?  The way in which we spend our time is an important part of stewardship. Let us spend our time wisely by using Jesus as our example as we pray and search the scriptures each and every day.

Stewardship Ministry – Sue Ramsey

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