San Francisco Update

sanfranGreetings all!

The Operation Blueprint series is in full swing here in San Fran! I just wanted to take a moment to update you all on some of the amazing testimonies we have had here on the ground. With painstaking hours we were able to pre-register over 1100 people. Out of that 1100, over 800 of them have shown up at the meetings…that is truly a miracle in itself! Individuals come out night after night to hear the amazing truths they’ve never heard from the word of God; many of them drive long distances. My new friend Maria heard the radio commercial and drives an hour and forty-five minutes one way just to hear truth like she’s never heard before! And that’s just one!

Here are a few more of the many amazing stories of people who are attending the Operation Blueprint meetings, enjoy!


  • On our first day, May 9th, at 3am, on our United Prayer Line, Colleen from Tabernacle Church prayed that God would resurrect flyers that were thrown away… Jeremiah picked up a Operation Blueprint flyers months ago, forgot about it until May 9th.  He was visiting a friend’s home and he recognized the OB logo (the sanctuary furniture with a compass), on a flyer that was sitting at the top of his friend’s garbage!!! He showed up 2 hours later at the meetings!!
  • Preston. a 70+ yr old man, received a handbill in the mail and has been attending every night!  After a few nights, he was asked what he thought of the meetings, he answered “I have not been moved like this since Billy Graham!  He makes it very clear, I have read about the earthly tabernacle in the Bible before, but now I understand it!”  Preston wants to get baptized!
  • Christina’s door was knocked on over and over again by a cross trainer from South Africa, Sibusiso.  She has been searching for 15 years for a church that has Biblical truth.   Sibu’s persistence paid off, she came to her first meeting on night 6… when she heard about what day the Sabbath was she was wowed!  After 2 nights, she made a decision to get baptized, and not only that, when she went for job interviews, she said she can’t work on the Sabbath!
  • Tina was on the bus and saw a OB ad for the meetings, she prayed “Lord I would like to go to this seminar, please make a way.” Two days later as she was singing praises to the Lord she saw a vision of dots being connected  and she was impressed “Connect the dots”…. a few hours later she was at her Sunday church and she heard the same words from the pastor.  A church member, Diana, invited her for lunch after church and pulled out a OB flyer! Tina “connected the dots” and came to the meetings!
  • David had a conference meeting at the same location where Messiah’s Mansion was located.  He took the tour and received a OB flyer. He has been attending the meetings almost every night.  After the meeting about the SDA church, he pulled out a book and asked if it was an SDA book, and the person said yes and asked him where did he find it… he said he found it at his mother’s house on the table… it was a GC book!!
  • When a woman was invited the first time to the meetings, she denied the invitation… she was invited a second time, she again denied… she was invited a third time, she denied the invitation again but this time as she did, she remembered Peter and how he denied Christ 3 times!…. she decided to come to the meetings and has been coming ever since!
  • A group of cross trainers went to a festival called “The Weird Festival”, and weird it was!  There Lisa met a man named Carl, he accepted her invitation to the meetings. The 1st night he expressed how a benign tumor in the side of his face has affected the rest of his life and had “numbed” his spiritual life.  But after only 2 nights of the meetings, he said that he feels ALIVE from all the truth he was learning!! He too wants to get baptized!
  • We have been praying for supernatural advertisements like dreams or visions.  Two of the cross trainers, Shawnah and Phil, were eating at a restaurant and noticed that a couple near by prayed for their food.  They decided to give them a flyer and when they did, the wife said that she recognized the flyer from a dream she had!

So many individuals are preparing for baptism…and we’re not through yet! God defiantly has a special plan for San Francisco! And I would not be here without the prayers and support from all of you! I humbly and truly appreciate all you have done to allow me to work in this great vineyard here in the Bay Area! I have learned so much, and the experience has been invaluable! Please continue to pray as our meetings come to a close this weekend, the wrap up begins and the follow up continues. Also for those of us traveling near and far–for protection on the planes and roadways, and for God’s guiding spirit as He reveals where we are most greatly needed!

Blessings to you all, and hopefully see you soon!


For more amazing testimonies:

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