This Sabbath at Richardson (August 23)- Great Advice from Proverbs, Part 3

The tower of Pisa has been leaning so long — nearly 840 years — that it’s natural to assume it will defy gravity forever. But the famous structure has been in danger of collapsing almost since its first brick was laid.

Why? Because the builders built on unstable soil of mud, sand and clay, and made the foundation only ten feet deep! As later builders added stories to the top they tried to compensate by making one side of the story taller than the other, rather than dealing with the foundation!

Finally from 1990 to 2001 a major engineering project was able to correct the situation, making the Tower of Pisa more stable than it has ever been!

For us to grow as believers we need to deal with any challenges to our spiritual foundation. Proverbs 23 highlights three major challenges that can cause us to collapse spiritually if they are not addressed and corrected.

Join us this Sabbath at Richardson (9am & 11:30am) as we find solutions to these challenges in a study of Proverbs 23 in our series “Great Advice from Proverbs.” Feel free to bring a friend.

Here are more tools to help us distinguish between a good & Godly decision and one that looks good but will lead to pain.

Series: Great Advice from Proverbs

  • July 26   Great Advice from Proverbs Part 1
  • August 2   Youth Sabbath
  • August 9   Great Advice from Proverbs Part 2
  • August 16   Family Ministries Sabbath – Testimonies by Rade & Ella Milosavljevic, JaeDo & Brenda Tae & Karen Wemay
  • August 23   Great Advice from Proverbs Part 3
  • August 30   Rob Parrish, Chaplain, North Dallas Adventist Academy

Watch previous messages at this link.


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
 And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him,
 And He shall direct your paths..” Proverbs 3:5-6.

For best results, P.R.A.I.S.E.!

  • Pray, asking God for wisdom
  • Read the Bible passage for the day
  • Apply the Bible passage to your life
  • Interact with a Bible Study Group
  • Share something good with someone
  • Encourage others to join the journey 

Start or Join a Group

Why not invite friends & family to join you on this journey? Pick a regular place & time each week to share what you are learning. Matthew 18:20. You’ll love it!

Additional Recommendations for Proverbs 

Books by Ellen G. White (found at Education; A Call to Stand Apart; Counsels to Parents, Teachers and Students; Ministry of Healing.

Pathfinder Honors (found at – Temperance.

All events are open to the public and free of charge at 1201 W. Belt Line Road, Richardson, Texas. Feel free to invite a friend to join you!


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Happily married and father of three great kids. Seventh-day Adventist pastor who invites everyone to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, embrace all the teachings of the Bible and join a vibrant Adventist group.
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