Missionary Mailmen – September 2014

1386Passing out GLOW Tracts is a great way to become more confident in sharing Jesus and Bible truth, start conversations with others about eternal issues and help people prepare for the return of Jesus!

A heartfelt thank you to our missionary mailmen! Here is the a list of our missionary mailmen for the month of September.

  • Dumi Ndlovu – Promise of Peace
  • Sheila Hamilton – Why I go to Church on Saturday
  • Blessing Sunday – Return to Rest, Why I Go to Church on Saturday, What the World Needs Now, Promise of Peace, The End of the World, Steps to Health, Evolution Impossible
  • John Boylan – Return to Rest
  • Joe-Do Tae – Breaking Addictions, Steps to Health,
  • Roberto – Steps to Health
  • Pam Anderson – Why I Go to Church on Saturday
  • Doug Price – Promice of Peace, Steps to Health
  • Jesus Gaytan – Centinela
  • Ann Dotson
  • Brandeis Hall – Intelligent Faith, Breaking Addictions, Steps to Health
  • Eunice Nyamokami – What the World Needs, Why I Go to Church on Saturday
  • Mary Obege – Intelligent Faith
  • Esther Adle – Intelligent Faith, Steps to Health, Why I Go to Church on Saturday
  • Janie Tae – Evolution Impossible
  • Corey Clinton – Promise of Peace, Why I Go to Church on Saturday, Myths About Hell, Breaking Addictions
  • Kimo Browne – Breaking Addictions
  • Kendra Robertson – Sabbath Rest, Breaking Addictions, What the World Needs, Myths About Hell
  • Augusto Rivera – Return to Rest
  • Flavis Santos – Myths About Hell
  • Euree Estell – Myths About Hell
  • Shanaz Cooper – Breaking Addictions, Evolution Impossible, Why I Go to Church on Saturday
  • Linda Elcock – Evolution Impossible
  • Karim Ali – Breaking Addictions, Evolution Impossible
  • Mison Kolala – Breaking Addictions
  • Nandi Zulu – Return to Rest
  • Dee
  • Sydney
  • Ezra Ibrahim – Return to Rest, What the World Needs Now, The End of the World
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