Welcome to Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church!

This is a church family where people have made friends, learned to study God’s word, used their gifts in service, become more bold in sharing their faith and gathered to worship God for over 50 years!

Here are some wonderful reasons I am glad to be a part of this church family and why everyone is invited to join—

  • Our Message– We believe everyone in the world would be better off and happier if they accepted their Creator, Jesus Christ, as their Savior and Lord, embraced all the truths of the Bible as God’s voice speaking to them, and united with God’s final movement in the last days that He has raised up to take the gospel to all the world and to encourage each other in holy living (Revelation 14:6-12).
  • Our Mission– Sharing the Adventist Message with all the DFW area and the world in this Generation. We have helped start many sister churches through the years, including 8 in the last 14 years. In 2012 we helped start a new congregation in McKinney. We are currently helping start a new congregation in the White Rock Lake area of Dallas.
  • Our People– We model a little taste of heaven, with our 800+ members representing over 40 different countries and cultures.
  • Our Groups– We have dozens and dozens of groups that help strengthen families, health, finances, children & youth leadership development and a living relationship with Jesus and other believers. Everyone is encouraged to join four kinds of groups – 1) a Sabbath School Group to help them Study, 2) a Ministry Group to help them Serve, 3) a Bible Study Group to help them Share and 4) a Missions Group to help them Send.
  • Our School – Begun as Richardson Adventist School about 25 years ago, the school has grown to become North Dallas Adventist Academy, training 250+ students in pre-K to grade 12 on a nine-acre campus located at the corner of Centennial and Greenville, sponsored by 13 churches (including Richardson SDA).
  • Our Movement – Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church is part of the rapidly growing Seventh-day Adventist movement around the world, with
    • 17+ million members, one-third of whom have joined in the past five years.
    • 136,000 Churches & Companies, 100 of these located in the DFW Metro area.
    • Ministry in 209 countries & 921 languages.
    • 7,800 schools with over 1.6 million students.
    • 173 Hospitals and clinics.

Welcome to the Richardson Church Family! www.RichardsonSDA.org

Dan Serns, Senior Pastor

November 2013

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