The Great Controversy Project – Snares of Satan

Chapter: Snares of Satan

Favorite Quotes:

“Accusers of the brethren are not few, and they are always active when God is at work and His servants are rendering Him true homage.”

“But none need be deceived concerning them.”

“’Ye shall know them by their fruits.’ Matthew 7:16.”

“Elijah, Jeremiah, Paul, firmly and fearlessly opposed those who were turning men away from the word of God. That liberality which regards a correct religious faith as unimportant found no favor with these holy defenders of the truth.”

“Human knowledge of both material and spiritual things is partial and imperfect; therefore many are unable to harmonize their views of science with Scripture statements.”

“It is impossible to estimate the evil results of removing one of the landmarks fixed by the word of God. Few who venture to do this stop with the rejection of a single truth. The majority continue to set aside one after another of the principles of truth, until they become actual infidels.”

“Too ease-loving to distinguish themselves by accomplishing anything worthy of honor, which requires effort and self-denial, they aim to secure a reputation for superior wisdom by criticizing the Bible.”

“Neither wicked men nor devils can hinder the work of God, or shut out His presence from His people, if they will, with subdued, contrite hearts, confess and put away their sins, and in faith claim His promises.”

Lessons I’ve Learned:

1. Satan works relentlessly to pry even the most devout believers away from their faith. Where God—through His people—is freeing captives and shedding light, Satan is seeking to ensnare prisoners in bondage and darkness.

2. Satan’s intelligence and success in the spreading and upholding of evil on this earth have been misrepresented cunningly, underestimated grossly, and ignored shockingly by most of humanity for ages.

3. While Satan is extremely intelligent and successful in deceiving, he and all his evil angels are no match for even “the weakest soul who abides in Christ.”


This chapter makes it quite clear that Satan is involved not only in the secular world, but even in the many churches and religions worldwide. Through “vague and fanciful interpretations of Scripture” Satan has brought about “the many conflicting theories concerning religious faith” found in modern Christianity. Yet even as modern Christianity seems to be at odds with other major world religions, and even appears to have significant divisions within itself, an eerie common-ground foundation has been laid globally which nearly every religion fully embraces. The belief of the immortality of the soul, recognized globally and embraced by Islam, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Satanism, as well as nearly every sector of modern Christianity, is undoubtedly one example of the success of Satan. In these last days, Satan could easily use this common belief to deceive multitudes simultaneously. Just imagine if evil angels were to appear and speak to large crowds disguised as founding fathers and prophets of the many world religions. To people who do not understand the Biblical truth that people are asleep in the grave when they die, these evil spirits could easily claim to have come from heaven with a special message. Obviously, we do not know the exact, specific nature of Satan’s last deceptions as he tries to take as many people down with him into destruction as possible, but the global unity on this false teaching indicates the snares of Satan reach broader and deeper than most of humanity could ever imagine. We must cling to Jesus as never before!

Discussion Questions:

1. What are some examples of Satan’s snares that were used successfully during Bible times?

2. What are some examples of Satan’s snares that were engineered specifically for modern times?

3. What are some examples of Satan’s snares that have been used successfully throughout history, beginning with Eve and continuing to the present day?

4. What are some Bible verses that give hope and instruction to God’s people to stand firm against Satan and his snares?

Family Worship Activity:

Play uplifting music in the background as each family member uses a sheet of paper and crayons, markers, or paint to illustrate something they learned from the chapter “Snares of Satan.” Have everyone share and discuss their illustrations.

Hi I’m Jacob Serns. I grew up a pastor’s kid and had a great foundation of faith from my parents. However, I’ve found that the most important thing in life is that each of us finds a very personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, in addition to any spiritual knowledge we gain at home, school, or even church. I teach Bible and PE at North Dallas Adventist Academy.

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