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Short Video Clips of the 28 Fundamental Ways of Following Jesus

“Did you know?” is a series of 28 video clips now available online. Click here to see a list of the 28 video clips (1.5 minutes each) that highlight the 28 Fundamental Ways of Following Jesus as understood by the Seventh-day … Continue reading

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This Sabbath August 31 at Richardson- “In Love With A Fantasy”

Our minds can play tricks on us. We can imagine our new boyfriend or girlfriend is incredible, only to find out later that they are a normal human being with their share of problems. We can imagine that movie stars … Continue reading

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Stewardship Report – The Twenty & The One

There was this $20 bill and a $1 bill on the conveyor belt at the downtown Federal Reserve Building. As they were lying there side by side the $1 bill said to the $20 bill, “Hey mannnnnn, where have you … Continue reading

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Michell Medellin’s Sabbath Work Testimony

This Sabbath (August 24, 2013) we welcomed nine new members into the Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church family. One of them, Michell Medellin,  shared a powerful testimony of how she had put others things before God and violated the Sabbath of … Continue reading

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British Museum Top 7 Attractions Tour

Recently as part of our London Mission Team, I had the privilege of leading 12 tours (over 400 people) of the Top 7 Attractions of the British Museum, showing the connections between the archaeological artifacts and Bible prophecy. It was … Continue reading

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San Francisco Mission Report

Greetings to you all from San Francisco! I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for you constant thoughts, prayers, and support for me and the San Francisco mission. Your texts, emails, messages, phone calls and encouragement … Continue reading

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Stewardship – Time, Talent & Treasure

Stewardship can be broken down into three categories- Time, Talent, and Treasures.  Below are a few things to consider for each category and a few questions to ask ourselves as we analyze our life and whether or not we are … Continue reading

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